New Orleans' World's Fairs

LaRC preserves extensive holdings about world's fairs in New Orleans, including possiblythe finest collection of printed materials about the 1884 World’s Industrial and Cotton Centennial Exposition, extensive vertical file holdings (pamphlets, brochures, tickets) from both the 1884 and 1994 fairs, and significant archival holdings. Among our holdings are:

  • Collections M 594 - World’s Industrial and Cotton Centennial Exposition, 1884, 2 Admit Cards to the opening ceremonies
  • Collection 680 - Major E. A. Burke papers, 1837-1912, 40 pieces. Burke was Director of the New Orleans 1885 Cotton Fair. The papers relate to his activities as Comptroller General of Galveston, Texas, executive member of the Conservative Democratic Parry, and director of the fair.
  • Collection 115 - Hickey (Maunsel White), papers, 1828 – 1946, 306 pieces. Folder 6 contains one certificate for 20 shares of stock in the World’s Industrial and Cotton Centennial.
  • Collection 464 - Joseph Finley Joor papers, 1868-1892, 123 pieces. Includes certificate appointing Joor Assistant Commissioner from Texas to the World’s Industrial Centennial and Cotton Exposition in New Orleans in 1884.
  • Collection 642 - George Moorman scrapbooks. Includes document signed by Governor Samuel Douglas McEnery appointing Moorman Commissioner to the World’s Industrial and Centennial Cotton Exposition, May 7, 1884.,
  • Collection 61 - Eleanor P. Thompson collection. Box 1 folder 2 contains 16 pieces on the 1884 fair.
  • Collection 19 - Mary Ashley Townsend papers, 1854-1901, an undated letter from a person identified only a “Howe” to Mary Ashley Townsend includes a cut of the Government Building at the 1884 fair. Townsend’s correspondence also includes references to the fair.
  • Collection 694 - Alvin E. Brizzard collection, 1775-1933, 1,360 pieces. Includes some ephemera relating to the 1884 fair.
  • Collection B 87 - One volume of clippings about the 1884 fair.
  • Collection M 216 - Pamphlet, “The Bell of Independence. The city of Philadelphia to the city of New Orleans: Greeting.” Pertains to the lending of the Liberty Bell to the New Orleans for the 1884 fair.
  • Collection 565 - Elizabeth McFarland Blakemore papers, 1877-1927, 4 pieces. Includes a scrapbook of clippings about the 1884 fair.
  • Collection M 210 - Envelope marking the 1884 fair and showing three of the fair’s buildings.
  • Collection 55-N - Louisiana Historical Association Collection; New Orleans Collection, Miscellaneous Societies and Clubs. Box 12, folder 25 contains two letters and one pamphlet regarding the 1884 fair.
  • Collection 930 - Winston Lill papers, 1927 - , 17 cubic feet. Includes planning records for the 1984 fair.
  • Collection 981 - Blanche Comiskey records, 1984, 1 box. Files of Blanche Comiskey concerning the Vatican Pavilion at the 1984 Louisiana World Exposition, particularly the administration of its volunteer program. Comiskey was Volunteer Coordinator for the pavilion.

LaRC also preserves papers of several politicians who were in office at the time of the fair or during its planning, including David Treen (sealed) and Lindy Boggs.

NB: Researchers should also be aware that the Southeastern Architectural Archive preserves the plans of the 1984 World's Fair as part of the records of the Perez architectural firm.