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The Louisiana Research Collection (LaRC) supports the teaching, research, and community-building missions of Tulane University by collecting, preserving, and making easily accessible library and archival resources relating to the study of Louisiana.

Noteworthy Holdings

  • George Washington to John Jay
    George Washington to John Jay

    It is with singular pleasure that I address you as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, for which office your commission is here enclosed.

  • William Penn’s Thank-You Note
    William Penn’s Thank-You Note

    Penn’s thank-you note to Charles II, August 13, 1683, thanking him for “Pennsilvania.

  • The Telegram that Started the Civil War
    The Telegram that Started the Civil War

    The text of the telegram reads, "“Evacuation of Fort Sumter will be demanded today – if refused hostilities will commence tonight.”

  • Thomas Jefferson to M. du Plantier
    Thomas Jefferson to M. du Plantier

    On May 3, 1889, Mrs. L. Dolhonde presented to the Charles T. Howard Memorial Library a letter written by Thomas Jefferson to M. duPlantier of New Orleans. That single-page letter marked the beginning of what is now the Louisiana Research Collection.

  • Petition for the release of a confederate prisoner
    Let This Man Be Discharged

    Four days before his assassination, President Lincoln approved this petition to release Louisianian John Gauche from a prisoner of war camp.

  • John Kennedy Toole's Pulitzer Prize
    John Kennedy Toole's Pulitzer Prize

    Toole was awarded the Pulitzer prize seventeen years after his death.

  • Dwarf Carnival
    1888 Carnival Costume Design

    This Carnival costume design was for the Krewe of Proteus. The theme that year was “Legends of the Middle Ages.”

  • Browse LaRC’s Menu Collection
    Browse LaRC’s Menu Collection

    LaRC preserves extensive holdings documenting Louisiana's food and food industry.

Rarities and Wonders

photo of a lark Did you know that the Louisiana Research Collection (LaRC) preserves the papers of Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee’s Gettysburg letters, George Washington’s letter appointing John Jay as first Chief Justice of the United State Supreme Court, and William C.C. Claiborne’s commission as first territorial governor of Louisiana?

Learn about these and more LaRC holdings by visiting the online exhibit “The Treasures of Tulane: Rarities and Wonders from the Louisiana Research Collection.”

On May 3, 1889, Mrs. L. Dolhonde presented to the Charles T. Howard Memorial Library a letter from Thomas Jefferson. In the more than 125 years since that initial donation, the Louisiana Research Collection has grown to encompass almost four linear miles of archival documents, books, maps, and other resources central to the study of our state. We hope this exhibit will introduce viewers to the depth of our holdings while revealing some possibly surprising international cultural treasures.

Our exhibit begins with Colonial documents from William Penn, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and others. We then highlight our renowned Civil War collection, followed by Louisiana arts and literature featuring materials from Mark Twain, John Kennedy Toole, and William Faulkner. The exhibit then moves on to showcase original designs from LaRC’s celebrated Carnival Collection, followed by women and gender, religion, and finally Louisiana’s rich vivid political heritage.


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The Louisiana Research Collection depends on financial donations to help fund special services or purchase acquisitions it could not otherwise afford. You may make a donation by credit card online or by sending it to the Head of the Louisiana Research Collection.

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