Jewish Studies N-G

National Council of Jewish Women, Greater New Orleans Section
Records; 1909 - 1977 (bulk dates ca. 1950 - ca. 1970).
Collection no. 667 (78 cubic feet).
Records of social service agency especially active in the area of child welfare, immigration, and education. Materials include correspondence, by-laws, minute books, financial ledgers, scrapbooks, photographs, pamphlets, and collected clippings.

Newcomb College Art Department, Calendars; 1902 - 1903, 1933-1938.
Collection no. 522 (7 items).
Linoleum cut calendars containing depictions of Newcomb College campus life. Calendars for 1896, 1898, 1900, 1904, 1905, 1909, 1918 are cataloged in the Louisiana Collection, also in the Howard-Tilton Memorial Library. See also Floy Maddox Papers (Collection no. 559), Robert Blasberg Papers (Collection no. 758), Sadie Irvine Papers (Collection no. 635), Harriet Stevens Thesis (Collection no. 774).

Newcomb College Music Department.
See Leon R. Maxwell Papers (Collection no. 62).

Newcomb Pottery; 1897 - 1917.
Collection no. 1231 (1 reel, microfilm).
Positive microfilm documentation of pieces of Newcomb pottery, exhibited at Newcomb College in February 1963.

Newman School.
Originally established in 1903 as the Isidore Newman Manual Training School, to educate the residents of the Jewish Children's Home, located at St. Charles and Jefferson Avenues (1877-1948). The Home became the site of the Jewish Community Center. See New Orleans Art Schools Records (Collection no. 522), and the Jewish Children's Home Records (Collection no. 180).

New Orleans Art Schools Records; 1902 - 1938.
Collection no. 522 (15 items).
Collection of calendars includes those published by the Art Department of the Isidore Newman Manual Training School, 1933 - 1938, with graphics by various artists. The school was established to educate the residents of the Jewish Children's Home (1887-1948), located on the St. Charles and Jefferson Avenues site that later became the Jewish Community Center.

New Orleans and Carrollton Railroad Records; 1834 - 1896.
Collection no. 27 (0.4 cubic feet).
Documents include reports, contracts, financial 'records, and only very little correspondence. Includes a letter from Judah P. Benjamin, 1836.

New Orleans Cotton Brokers Correspondence; 1831 - 1850.
Collection no. 132 (0.1 cubic feet).
Letters from various firms including Cohen (aka Cohn) and Bullock, concerning market and agricultural conditions of cotton as well as tobacco and sugar.

New Orleans Girls' High School Alumnae Association Records; 1894 - 1925.
Collection no. B-209, oversize (1 volume).
Contains minutes, reports, and biographical sketches on some graduates. Subjects include (Miss) Blanche J. Cahn.

New Orleans Municipal Records; 1782 - 1925 (bulk dates 1803 - 1860).
Collection no. 16 (6.2 cubic feet).
Records documenting the administration of New Orleans and the towns of LaFayette, Carrollton, and Jefferson. Includes legal documents and financial records.

Opera - New Orleans, Collection; 1902 - 1969.
Collection no. 816 (52 items).
Scrapbook of collected programs and newspaper clippings on operas, classical music recitals, and ballet in New Orleans. See also the Maunsel White Hickey Papers (Collection no. 115).

Orleans Parish Court Records; 1815 - 1816.
Collection no. B-10, oversize (1.0 cubic feet).
Bound volume of successions in the court of Judge and former Mayor James Pitot. In French, Spanish, and English.

Polmer Family Papers; 1887 - 1970.
Collection no. 863 (4.0 cubic feet).
Papers of the son of Leon Polmer, of Schriever, Louisiana: Naphtali H. Polmer, the First District Attorney of the Orleans Levee Board, and Irvin F. Polmer and Mervin J. Polmer, both plantation merchants.

Pokorny Family Papers; 1851 - 1957 (bulk dates 1915 - 1945).
Collection no. 74 (0.4 cubic feet).
Materials document the estate of Michael Pokorny and emigration from Germany to the United States, his shoe store and real estate businesses in New Orleans, and family history.

Putzell, Edwin J., Jr., Papers; 1861.
Collection no. 321 (1 item).
A one-volume report, "Cui Bono, A Study of Secession in Louisiana," in which Judah P. Benjamin is mentioned.

Redon, Odelon, Papers; 1857 - 1862, 1938.
Collection no. 718 (.2 cubic feet).
Correspondence and notes written to Bernard Lemann concerning the french painter Odelon Redon.

Ribner, Irving, Papers; 1962 - 1963.
Collection no. 153 (2 items).
Printer's copies of two of the subject's books, Jacobean Tragedy (1962) and Marlow'e Complete Plays (1963).

Riis, Jacob August.
See George Washington Cable Papers (Collection no. 2).

Robinson, Martha Gilmore, Papers; 1859 - 1981 (bulk dates 1888 - 1981).
Collection no. 678 (51 cubic feet).
Papers of activist in New Orleans progressive causes who campaigned for a City Council seat. Organizations with which subject was involved include the Louisiana Landmarks Society and the Women's Division of the Honest Election League. Includes correspondence , scrapbooks, and collected publications. Also includes documentation of Rabbi Julian Fiebleman.

Rosen, Charles, Collection, 1907 - 1951.
Collection no. 807 (10 items).
Records include newspaper clippings and photographs which document tournament chess matches. Pairings include Mikhail Botvinnik and David Bronstein, and Edward Lasker and F.J. Marshall.

Rosenberg, Rabbi Roy A., Papers; 1966 - 1970.
Collection no. 326 (2.0 cubic feet).
Correspondence, notes, and collected publications documenting Temple Sinai.

Rosenwald, Edith (Mrs. Edgar Bloom Stern), Papers; ca. 1950.
Map case material - no collection no. (1 cubic foot).
Blueline architectural drawings, produced by the New York firm of William and Geoffrey Platt, for the subject's residence at 11 Garden Lane, Metairie.

Saroyan, William, Papers; 1934.
Collection no. 773 (4 items).
Letters to Charles Midlo at the Louisiana State Medical Center in New Orleans concerning rare books. See also the Charles Midlo Collection (Collection no. 359).

Schwartz Family, Papers; ca. 1989.
Collection no. 796-9 (1 volume).
Genealogy of family from 1783 - 1988. Originally from the German Palatinate, the family settled in Lavaca County, Texas, in 1859. The Bernhard Schwartz branch moved to New Orleans in 1884 and became active in business, law, and medicine, and has a long involvement with the Tulane University Law School and Medical School.

Shaffer, Col. W.D., Papers; 1843 - 1946.
Collection no. 500 (12 items).
Collection of pamphlets mainly concerning U.S. military history. Includes a pamphlet written by John F. and R.M. Fish, The Universal System for Computing TIme and Interest On All Kinds of Interest-Bearing Notes, Bonds, and Mortgates.

Schappes, Morris Y.
See Jews in the South Collection (collection no. 706).

Share, Rabbi Nathaniel, Papers; 1925 - 1958.
Collection no. 754 (1.8 cubic feet).
Subject came to New Orleans in 1933 as a temporary substitute Rabbi at the Congregation Gates of Prayer, but remained in that post for forty years. Documents include correspondence from Isabel Burr, the Rabbi's fiance, his family, and from Rabbinic colleagues. Also included are the subject's theological thesis (1929), lecture notes and notebooks, and collected serials and pamphlets. Some materials in hebrew. See also the Congregation Gates of Prayer Records (collection no. 676) and the Fannie Regenbogen Papers (collection no. 676B).

Simon Family, Papers; 1845 - 1984.
Collection no. 708 (1.0 cubic feet).
Half of the records are mostly nineteenth century and genealogical in nature, including documentation of Julian S. Levy, of Virginia, and the Marks (aka Marques) Family of Louisiana, correspondence, notebooks, legal records, family genealogy, photographs, collected religious books. The remainder of the records document Alvin Simon and his career as cabaret and supper club operator, whose Suburban Gardens and other clubs drew crowds ca. 1905 - 1940. Records include correspondence, financial records, collected newspaper clippings and pamphlets. Documented performers include the Boswell Sisters vocal trio and the vaudeville "fan dancer" Sally Rand.

Sizer, Family, Papers; 1803 - 1891 (bulk dates 1813 - 1849).
Collection no. 67 (3.0 cubic feet).
Correspondence and governmental records documenting Asa B. Sizer's military service in the New York Militia during the War of 1812 and William S. Sizer's service in both the New York and Ohio Militias. Also includes a prospectus for the East Tennessee Zinc Co.

Slidell, John, Papers; 1842, 1865.
Collection no. M151 (2 items).
Correspondence to Judah P. Benjamin, then Louisiana's Secretary of State.

Stern, Edgar Bloom, Papers; 1900 - 1970.
Collection no. 235 (50.0 cubic feet).
Records documenting the career and philanthropic work of the Harvard University graduate who married heir to the Sears Roebuck & Co. fortune and served on the boards of Sears Roebuck & Co., Charity Hospital, Dillard University, the Orleans Parish Schools, the New Orleans Cotton Exchange, the New Orleans Public Belt Railroad, Audubon Park, and the New Orleans City Charter Committee. Records especially document the Louisiana cotton industry, state finance, and health care. Materials include correspondence (1900 - 1956), Harvard University class notebooks and papers (1903 - 1908), ledger books and other business records (1880 - 1940), executive citations, photographs, scrapbooks, and a collection of U.S. War Department Orders dating from the First World War. See also the Jewish Federation of Greater New Orleans, Records, Collection no. 701, Tulane University Archives, the Dent Family Papers, the Dillard University files in the American Missionary Association Archives Addendum, the Julius Rosenwald Fund, and the Rosa Keller Papers at the Amistad Research Center, Tulane University.

Stern, Edith M., Papers; ca. 1943.
Collection no. 667 (1 item).
Article written by subject, "Riddle of the Race Riots," discrediting the rumors of "Eleanor Clubs" and African-American plots against the white community.

Stevens, Harriet, Thesis; 1948.
(Collection no. 774 (1 item).
Newcomb College senior thesis, "The History of Ceramics at Newcomb from 1885 - 1945." Contains lists of many student artisans and their works.

(Stuart) The Ruth McEnery Stuart Clan, Records; 1907 - 1975.
Collection no. 369 (1.75 cubic feet).
Records of the women's literary discussion group contain correspondence, minutes, financial records, yearbooks and other publications, and collected newspaper clippings. Includes documentation of Rhea Loeb Deutsch, Julian Feibelman, and Ida Weis Friend. See also the Ida Weis Friend Papers (collection no. 287) and the Travelers Aid Society of Greater New Orleans Records (collection no. 365).