Jewish Studies G-K

Glucksmann, Theodore A.--Kuntz, Rosemonde E and Emile

Glucksmann, Theodore A., Papers; 1898 - 1982.
Collection no. 699 (19 pieces).
Records document the subject who served in the U.S. Navy during the Spanish-American War who became an electrical engineer and active member of the International Association of Machinists; Touro A., the first baby born at Touro Infirmary; and extended family. Collection includes correspondence, genealogical information, newspaper clippings and other collected publications, and photographs.

Goldman, Meyer, Family; 1976.
See the Jews in the South Manuscript Series (collection no. 706).

Goldstein, Moise.
See Nathaniel Cortlandt Curtis Papers (collection no. 5).

Green, Joshua J., Family, Papers; 1847 - 1937.
(bulk dates 1863 - 1937).
Collection no. 181 (0.2 cubic feet).
Documents family of Jackson, Mississippi, and of Shreveport, Louisiana. Collection consists entirely of correspondence from these locations, the University of Virginia, and Yokohama, Japan.

Greenwald, Amelia, Papers; 1908 - 1966.
(bulk dates 1913 - 1937).
Collection no. 797 (2.1 cubic feet).
Papers document the subject's establishment of a nurses' school in Warsaw, Poland (1923 - 1926), her later surveying of the nursing system in Palestine (1933 - 1934), and the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee. Includes writings, reports, collected newspaper clippings and publications, and photographs.

Grayson Family, Genealogy; 1750 - 1961.
Collection no. 504 (1 item).
Genealogical Papers Series, no. 46; Chart of the Grayson Family of Louisiana, from which modern descendents include the Boatner and Scribner Families. Grima Family, Papers; 1781 - 1923.
Collection no. 12 (1.4 cubic feet).
Includes a letter from and two letters about Judah P. Benjamin. He is also represented in real estate records in the collection.

Hawes, William L. and Hilda, Photographs; ca. 1900 - ca. 1915.
Collection no. 570 (18 items).
Photographic prints of noted pianists and other musicians of the early twentieth century, inscribed and signed by the artists. Subjects include Ossip Gabrilowitsch, Moriz Rosenthal, and Fannie Bloomfield Zeisler.

Hickey, Maunsel White, Papers; 1828 - 1946.
Collection no. 115 (0.4 cubic feet).
Chiefly business correspondence, financial and legal records, photographs, and collected newspaper clippings. Contains one stock certificate in the Opera Association of New Orleans, issued to Carl Kohn (1869, folder 5). See also the Opera - New Orleans Collection (Collection no. 816). Other stock shares in various oil, mining, and insurance businesses issued to Victor and Adolph Meyer, and Charles Levy.

Hyman, Ruby.
See Jews in the South Series (collection no. 706).

Irvine, Sadie, Papers; 1893 - 1970.
Collection no. 635 (3.0 cubic feet).
Papers include correspondence, financial records, scrapbooks, photographs of Newcomb College prior to its relocation Uptown, and collected publications. See Robert Blasberg Papers (collection no. 758).

Jacobs, Felix Mavis, Papers; 1856.
Collection no. 503 (2 items).
Slavery Manuscript Series, no. 23. Transaction records of two African-American slaves, Manuel and Edouard, purchased by the subject from Alfred Rousseau, of Orleans Parish. In French.

Jewish Children's Home, Collection; 1870 - 1967 (bulk dates, 1940 - 1953).
Collection no. 180 (45 cubic feet).
Institution established on Chippewah Street in 1855 by the Hebrew Benevolent Society to provide for widows and children made destitute by the yellow fever epidemics and then by the casualties of the Civil War. Facility relocated in 1877 to 5342 St. Charles Avenue, the future site of the Jewish Community Center. The Isidore Newman Manual Training School was established in 1903 to educate the home's residents. Because of its financial association with the local B'nai B'rith, it has served the mid-South. Records are arranged in the following series categories: Board of Directors (2 boxes), general policy (4 boxes), fund raising (8 boxes), restricted papers regarding child care, dowries, and adoption (4 boxes), legal and financial records (14 boxes), publications (3 boxes).

Jewish Federation of Greater New Orleans, Records; 1912 - 1977.
Collection no. 701 (135 cubic feet).
Established in 1913 to coordinate Jewish self-help efforts and to represent the community to the larger public. Constituent agencies have included the Widows and Orphans Home, Touro Infirmary, the Young Men's-Women/s Hebrew Association, Communal Hebrew School, the Jewish Community Center, and Charities of Palestine. In 1936, the Board created the autonomous Jewish Welfare Fund, to solicit support for non-local Jewish causes, and these two bodies merged in 1962. Records include correspondence, charters and by-laws, minutes, financial records, reports, scrapbooks, and both generated and collected publications. Prominently documented is Edgar Bloom Stern, whose personal papers are in collection no. 235, and locally collected information on the American Nazi Party. Volume of documents increases significantly from the 1950's.

Jews in Germany, Papers; 1933.
Collection no. 820 (2 items).
Newspaper and clipping and manuscript related to the persecution of Jews in Germany in 1933.

Jews in the South, Manuscript Collection; 1759 - 1984.
Collection no. 706 (0.4 cubic feet).
An assortment of small collections including French colonial correspondence dated 1759, several histories of families in New Orleans and Germany, documentation of Jews in Spain and South Africa, Jewish involvement in southern slavery, a grant proposal, and a photograph. Manuscripts in english, german, and french.

Johnston, Albert Sidney and William P., Papers; 1803 - 1900 (bulk dates 1830 - 1899).
Collection no. 1 (11.2 cubic feet).
Business and personal correspondence, legal and financial records, dairies, manuscripts, and collected items of the first president of Tulane University and his father, a Confederate General. Box no. 35 contains anecdotes by the younger William P. Johnston about Judah P. Benjamin.

Jones, Joseph, Papers; 1849 - 1899.
Collection no. 172 (9.0 cubic feet).
Mainly correspondence of physician and professor of medicine who served as Surgeon-Major for the C.S.A. in the Civil War. Includes correspondence from Dr. Samuel D. Moses, 24 November 1865.

Judah P. Benjamin Memorial Association, Records; 1862 - 1958.
Collection no. 363 (1.2 cubic feet).
Includes correspondence, resolutions, organizational charter, membership lists, minutes, financial records, photographs, and collected publications.

Kaplan, Murrel H., Papers; 1928 - 1964.
Collection no. 792 (2.4 cubic feet).
Subject served in U.S. Army Medical Corps during the Second World War. Collection includes mostly daily correspondence between Dr. Kaplan, stationed in Italy, and his wife Louise May Goldman, in New Orleans. Latter was a Newcomb College graduate. Other records include family correspondence, legal certificates, and photographs.

Kaufman, Lewis and Siren, Papers; 1862.
Collection no. 503 (1 item).
Slavery Manuscripts Series, no. 25. A receipt for the purchase by the subject of an African-American slave named Lucy Ann from S.T. Fondren, of Richmond, Virginia.

Keyes, Frances Parkinson, Papers; 1898 - 1970.
Collection no. 842 (36 cubic feet).
Papers of New Orleans author includes correspondence, biographical materials, writings manuscripts and galley proofs, and articles. Includes documentation of Hermann Deutsch.

Kingsley House Records; 1899 - 1970 (bulk dates 1910 - 1949).
Collection no. 360 (120 cubic feet).
The oldest immigrant settlement house in the South. Records include correspondence, financial and legal records, and academic writings. Includes documentation of architect Moise H. Goldstein, who designed the Margaret Finney memorial Wading Pool at no charge. See also William Beer Papers (collection no. 18).

Kopman, Henry Hazlitt, Papers; 1893 - 1952.
Collection no. 478 (1.2 cubic feet).
Papers comprised of six volumes of bird-watching observations and a related scrapbook regarding ornithological observances in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Florida.

Kuntz, Rosemonde E and Emile, Collection; 1655 - 1919.
Colleciton no. 600. (50 cubic feet).
An extensive collection of documents and printed material gathered by Felix Kuntz largely relating to Louisiana and Southern history. Major components of the collection are the French and Spanish colonial periods, municipal papers, individual and family papers, local newspapers, and documentation of Carnival, theater, and the opera. Elaborately indexed, lawyer and Confederacy Secretary Judah P. Benjamin, jazz critic Rudy Blesh, and other prominent Jews are cited.