Jewish Studies C-F

Cable, George Washington--Friend, Julius. W.

Cable, George Washington, Papers; 1871 - 1947.
Collection no. 2 (60.0 cubic feet).
Contains mainly correspondence, diaries, and the author's manuscripts. Also contains business and organizational records, photographs, and collected publications. Includes two letters from Jacob August Riis, noted in collection's inventory.

Cerf, Bennett Alfred, Papers; 1955.
Collection no. M1040 (1 item).
Correspondence from the president of Random House publishing and television game show host to New Orleanian Leon Wolf.

Chesky, Doris Laurie, Papers; 1950 - 1975.
Collection no. 833 (1.2 cubic feet).
Photocopies of volumes depicting the career of the vocal music teacher at Alcee Fortier High School, who was active in school desegregation.

Civil War Manuscripts Series, Records; 1861 - 1910.
Collection no. 524 (0.2 cubic feet).
A continuing collection of records concerning verious aspect of the American Civil War. Included are letters, soldier's passes, records of property confiscations, and publications.

Cohen, Melvin M., Papers; 1868.
Collection no. M1058 (1 item).
Poem printed in the Picayune, mourning the death of Italian opera composer Gioacchino Rossini. See also the Joseph Slemmons Copes Papers (collection no. 733).

Communal Hebrew School, Records; 1912 - 1972.
Collection no. 834 (5.2 cubic feet).
Part-time institution established for the instruction of Jewish Studies in New Orleans. Consists of administrative records, mainly membership files and financial records, with some correspondence.

Community Service Center, Records.
See Jane (Mrs. Bernard) Lemann Papers, Collection no. 726.

Congregation Gates of Prayer, Records; 1850 - 1990.
Collection no. 676 (7.0 cubic feet).
Synagogue founded by German immigrants in the old city of Lafayette, now part of New Orleans. Materials include correspondence, minute books (1850 - 1972), deed and death books, cemetary records, charters, financial records, and collected items. See also the Nathaniel Share Papers (collection no. 754) and the Fannie Regenbogen Papers (collection no. 676B).

Copes, Joseph Slemmons, Papers; 1832 - 1924.
Collection no. 733 (37.5 cubic feet).
Business and personal papers of a Mississippi planter, businessman, and New Orleans physician. Active in the Academy of Science. Includes documentation of Aaron B. Davis, who owned land and slaves in Tchula, Mississippi, and Melvin M. Cohen. See also the Melvin M. Cohen Papers (collection no. 1058).

Craig, Fanny Leverich Eshleman, Family, Papers; 1765 - 1958.
Collection no. 225 (0.2 cubic feet).
Mainly correspondence documenting the Inskeep-Leverich-Hampton families and surveys and legal documents concerning land in Ascension Parish. Includes letters of Joseph and Isabella Bloomfield.

Curtis, Nathaniel Cortlandt, Papers; 1906 - 1953.
Collection no. 5 (1.2 cubic feet).
Subject was an architect who worked for the (Moise) Goldstein, Parham and Labouisse architectural firm, held a business partnership with architect Arthur Davis, and who taught at the Tulane School of Architecture. Includes correspondence, professional and literary writings, architectural drawings, printed material, and collected newspaper clippings.

Deutsch, Hermann B., Papers; 1949 - 1970.
Collection no. 130 (3.0 cubic feet).
Includes 21 scrapbooks of clippings written by the subject for the Item and States-Item newspapers. An index by subject is available. Also includes typescripts, interviews, and other materials documenting the author's The Huey Long Murder Case. A continuing collection - note new additions.

Dresner, Jacob B., Collection; 1900 - 1980.
Collection no. 674 (984 pieces; 7 cubic feet).
Records mainly document the extended family of Jacob, a graduate of Tulane Law School; his brother Joseph, an athletics promoter and civic leader; and the probate of the estates of Frances, Jean, and Kate Gordon, New Orleans philanthropists and suffragettes. Included are correspondence, legal diaries, financial records, genealogical material, collected newspaper clippings and other publications, and photographs.

Dresner, Jacob B., Interview; ca. 1980.
Collection no. 613 (1 item).
Transcription of audiotape interview. Subjects include Jewish life and leaders, social stratification, and Temple Sinai. Original in Oral History Program Collection of the Friends of the Cabildo, at the New Orleans Public Library.

Dreyfous, Abel, Papers; 1849 - 1890.
Collection no. 542 (29 items).
Family correspondence written from and to France, New York, and New Orleans. Includes letters to the subject's son, Felix, who then was a State Representative in the Louisiana legislature.

Dreyfous, Mathilde (Mrs. George Dreyfous), Papers; 1952 - 1971.
Collection no. 798 (0.6 cubic feet).
Subject was a civil rights activist involved in promoting the desegregation of New Orleans public schools and was active in the New Orleans League of Women Voters, the South Louisiana Democratic Women's Club, and the Save Our Schools organization. Includes correspondence and collected publications.

Dreyfous, Ruth, Papers; 1938.
Collection no. B-205, oversize (0.5 cubic feet).
Scrapbook of collected newspaper clippings and a memoir written by subject on a European traveling. Subjects include the changing political climate on the continent and the Austrian Jewish refugees in particular.

Fiebleman, James Kern, Papers; 1962 - 1963.
Collection no. 151 (4 items).
Original typescripts of the author's books, Foundations of Empiricism (1962), Biosocial Factors in Mental Illness (1962), Mankind Behaving: Human Needs and Material Culture (1963), and Religious Platonism: The Influence of Religion on Plato and Plato on Religion (1959. See also the Julius W. Friend Papers (collection no. 138).

Feibleman, Thomas Jefferson, Interview; 1974.
Collection no. 613 (1 item).
Transcription of audiotape interview conducted by Dorothy Schlesinger. Subjects include Isidore Newman. Original in Oral History Program Collection of the Friends of the Cabildo, at the New Orleans Public Library.

Feingold, Dr. Marcus, Papers; 1908 - 1937.
Collection no. 304 (0.2 cubic feet).
Personal and professional correspondence of medical doctor.

Feinstone, Sol, Collection; ca. 1770s.
Collection no. 375-377 (3 reels microfilm).
Compilation of original manuscript of the American Revolution, compiled by Mrs. Delores Howald with the assistance of the American Philosophical Society.

Feitel, Arthur, Papers; 1966.
Collection no. 454 (1 item).
Typescript of "Confessions of a Frustrated Museum Enthusiast," which covers the Delgado Museum, 1924 - 1966.

Fellman, Bernard, Papers; 1880 - 1905.
Collection no. 806 (0.2 cubic feet).
Financial records of subject's property in New Orleans. Also includes documentation of Anna Dreyfous and Isaac Pratt.

Fingerman, Milton, Papers; 1960 - 1963.
Collection no. 129 (0.2 cubic feet).
Includes correspondence and typescripts and a galley proof of subject's monograph, The Control of Chromatophores.

Fink Asylum, Records; 1874 - ca. 1973.
Collection no. 393 (0.5 cubic feet).
Three volumes documenting the asylum, also known today as the Delchaise House, include correspondence, minutes, by-laws, financial and legal records, architectural drawings, and photographs. Connection to the Jewish community uncertain.

Friend, Ida Weiss (Mrs. Joseph E.), Papers; 1837 - 1963, n.d.
Collection no. 187 (14 cubic feet).
Includes personal correspondence, journals, certificates, photographs, late nineteenth century autograph albums, and collected newspaper clippings of a New Orleans social and civic activist. Also includes minutes and reports, constitutions, speeches, testimonial albums, and collected materials of various organizations to which the subject belonged, such as: the Lyceum Association, the French Opera Rebuilding Committee, the Louisiana Federation of Women's Clubs, the National Council of Jewish Women, the Prison Aid League, the Consumers' League, the National Women's Party, and the Women's Civic Union.

See also the Ruth McEnery Stuart Clan Records (collection no. 369) and the Travelers Aid Society of Greater New Orleans Records (collection no. 365).

Friend, Julius W., Papers; 1920 - 1961.
Collection no. 138 (2.0 cubic feet).
Correspondence, lecture notes, and writings of subject. Includes letters from Sherwood Anderson and James K. Feibleman, and materials documenting the Double Dealer magazine. The Historic New Orleans Collection and the University of New Orleans Archives each have a run of this periodical. See also the James K. Feibleman Papers (collection no. 151).