Classroom Instruction

Let us help you introduce your students to working with archives and special collections.

Introducing your students to original sources will allow them to experience first-hand the excitement of working with actual archival documents and rare books. We welcome opportunities to collaborate with faculty or instructors to teach students about special collections and how to use our  holdings for original research and learning.

Our instruction sessions can be tailored to your class and could include:

  • Our holdings pertaining to your class or discipline.
  • How your students can find and use archival resources for their projects
  • Guidelines for how to safely handle archival documents and rare books.
  • What an archives is and how archivists work to preserve and make available the documents in their care.
  • And any specific topics you would like covered for your class.

We will be happy to put together a selection of documents from our holdings pertaining specifically to your course for your students to view, along with archival boxes, files folders, access forms, and the like, so they will know what to expect when they do research on their own in an archives. Given enough time, we can sometimes even prepare an exhibit of documents from our holdings pertaining to your class.

To discuss possibilities for collaborations with TUSC staff on instruction, please contact: 

Agnes Czeblakow

Head of Research Services

Tulane University Special Collections