War Angelus

An Angelus is a Roman Catholic prayer to be said at set times of the day, typically morning (6:00 AM), noon, and evening (6:00 PM).

 In 1918, the St. Landry Parish Council of Defense proclaimed a War Angelus, in which they asked the parish citizens to set aside four minutes every day, starting at 6:00 PM, to pray for America's victory in WWI.

  "Whereas, at its meeting of Tuesday, September third, nineteen hundred and eighteen, the following resolution was adopted by the St. Landry Parish Council of Defense, to-wit:

  "That Whereas, our great nation is engaged in a mighty and deadly struggle with the enemies of human liberty,

  "And Whereas, it is thought meet and proper that all patriotic American citizens should each day humbly bow in petition to the Almighty God, to have our noble defenders in his special keeping and to bestow wisdom and guide out leaders that they may finally lead us to victory in the righteous cause for which we do battle, bringing back to us our noble and loved ones.

  "Now, Therefore, be it resolved that we hereby declare throughout the confies of the Parish of St. Landry the daily observance of the WAR ANGELUS and we hereby set apart four minutes each day to be devoted to the sole purpose of prayer, beginning at six p.m. each evening, and during said four minutes all person throughout the Parish shall uncover themselves and cease their labors, wherever they may be, and raise their heart in humble petition to the Divine Rule. That all bells through the Parish of St. Landry be rung for half a minute, beginning at 6 p.m., each and every day.

  "Now Therefore, in order to carry into effect said resolution declaring the observance of the WAR ANGELUS throughout the Parish of St. Landry, I, Edward M. Boagni, Chairman of the Council of Defense of the Parish of St. Landry, do issue this, my proclamation, calling upon all loyal American citizens throughout the parish to observe said WAR ANGELUS and to assist in carrying it into force and effect, and I also call upon all those who own or control bells through the parish, whether public or private, to have said bells rung according to the above resolution, and I hereby fix 6 p.m. THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 12th, 1918, as the day and hour at which the said WAR ANGELUS shall be observed and go into effect.

(Signed) E. M. BOAGNI,
Chairman, St. Landry Council of Defense.

GEO W. STUBBS, Secretary


Louisiana Council of Defense collection, Manuscripts Collection 847, Manuscripts Department, Tulane University, New Orleans, Louisiana 70118