Jewish Studies T-Y

Temple Sinai, Records; 1840 - 1986.
Collection no. 243 (5.8 cubic feet).
Records of Reformed congregation include correspondence, charters, minute books, ledgers, certificates, photographs, and collected publications and newspaper clippings. Noteworthy are 1867-dated letters from Rabbi James Koppel Gutheim concerning yellow fever epidemics and the care of orphans, and correspondence of Rabbi Max Heller.

Teutsch Family, Papers; 1590 - ca. 1919.
Collection no. 504 (16 items).
Genealogical Papers Series, no. 94. Photocopies of material about the Teutsch family of Germany. Original papers in the possession of Willy Wolff of New Orleans. Includes one book, Geschichte der Juden de Gemeinde Vennigen and 14 family charts. See also the Willie Wolff Papers (collection no. 777).

Theatre Scrapbook; 1900 - 1901.
Collection no. B-291, oversize (1 item).
Collected newspaper clippings and signatures of actors and singers who performed with stock companies in New Orleans, especially the Baldwin-Melville Company, the Grand Opera, the Metropolitan English Opera, and the Olympia Opera Company. Includes documentation of Morris Marks.

Touro, Judah.
See Waters Family Papers (Collection no. 456)

Touro-Shakespeare Almshouse, Records; 1901 - 1929.
Collection no. B181 (3 items).
Three minute books of social service agency that was known as the Touro Almshouse prior to 1901. Financially supported by the Touro Fund and the New Orleans city budget.

Touro Synagogue, Records; 1828 - 1969.
Collection no. 224.
Records of synagogue formed in 1881 by the merger of the German-immigrant (Ashkanasi) Gates of Mercy congregation, also known as Congregation Shaarei Chesed, founded in 1828, and the Portuguese-immigrant (Sephardic) Dispersed of Judah congregation, founded in 1846. Manuscripts include correspondence, minutes, financial records, marriage certificates, architecture plans, photographs, generated and collected publications, some in hebrew, german, french, and swedish.

Travelers Aid Society of Greater New Orleans, Records; 1917 - ca. 1970.
Collection no. 365 (20 cubic feet).
Records of New Orleans branch of national organization includes correspondence, minutes, financial records, and publications. Includes documentation of Ida Weis Friend. See also Ida Weis Friend Papers (collection no. 287).

United States District Court (Louisiana), Records; 1819 - 1829.
Collection no. B-245, oversize (0.2 cubic feet).
Docket book listing approximately 1200 cases in Federal District Court, Eastern Louisiana. Mainly documentation of maritime cases.

Van Vechten, Carl, Papers; ca. 1930s, ca. 1950s.
Collection no. 163 (2.0 cubic feet).
Contains 785 photographs. Subjects include Peter Abrahams, Aline Bernstein, Marc Chagall, Peter Feibleman, Earle Hyman, Marvin David Levy.

Waters, Family, Papers; 1818 - 1876.
Collection no. 456 (28 items).
Contains correspondence to Judah Touro.

Weidman, Charles, Papers; 1966.
Collection no. 376 (1 item).
Correspondence from the dance instructor at Loyola University concerning the program.

Weiss, Paul, Papers; 1961.
Collection no. 102 (4 items).
Drafts of "Notes Toward a Philosophy of History" and its eventual publication as History: Written and Lived (1962).

Whittington, G. Purnell Papers; 1804 - 1932.
Collection no. 29 (1.2 cubic feet).
Correspondence, scrapbooks, and photographs mainly documenting the history of Rapides Parish. Collection includes a letter from Gen. Brogg to Acting Secretary of War Judah P. Benjamin, 30 October 1861.

Wills of Prominent Louisianians, Collection; 1794 - 1845.
Collection no. 784.
Transcriptions by the Works Project Administration, in 1940, of wills probated in the Civil District Courts of Louisiana. Includes that of Edward Wisner (1914).

Wolff, Willie, Papers; 1914 - 1919.
Collection no. 777 (18 items).
Six German language diaries of subject, a German citizen working in England at the outbreat of the First World War and who later relocated to New Orleans. Also includes 12 printed books on religious and Jewish themes. See also the Teutsch Family Papers (collection no. 504-94).

Woodward, William, Papers; 1893 - 1901.
Collection no. 22 (0.2 cubic feet).
Professor of Art and Architecture at Tulane University. Contains correspondence, writings, and collected publications. Also includes documentation of Florence N. Levy, editor of the American Art Journal.

Young Men's Business Club, Records; ca. 1935 - 1965.
Collection no. 414 (1.2 cubic feet).
Photographic print collection of the organization's directors, its public and private activities, business leaders, entertainers, and politicians. Includes images of Seymour Weiss, operator of the Roosevelt Hotel, singer Barbra Marks, and other local Jews.