Jewish Studies A-B

American Civil Liberties Union -- Butler, Pierce

American Civil Liberties Union, Records; 1952 - 1974.
Collection no. 661 (8.5 cubic feet).
Records consist of the legal advocacy organization's official files, arranged alphabetically and including a small card file.

American Protective League, Records; 1918.
Collection no. 487 (0.1 cubic feet).
New Orleans branch records of an organization established to investigate Americans suspected of holding pro-German sentiments during the First World War. Most of their investigations were based on unfounded accusations. Directors of its local office were Charles Weinberger, Chief, and A.G. Newmeyer and M.M. Levy, Deputy Chiefs. Ralph Levy was an agent.

Aron, Jack R., Papers; 1981.
Collection no. 703 (20 items).
Three volumes of transcripts of tapes made by subject concerning the Aron, Silverstein, Israel, Shwartz, and Dalsheimer families, and the subject's Brazilian metals import business. Also contains photographs.

Ashkenazi, Elliott; 1983.
Collection no. 812 (1 item).
Doctoral dissertation submitted to George Washington University, which was later transformed into The Business of Jews in Louisiana, 1840 - 1875 and published by the University of Alabama in 1988.

Ater, Mrs. Lucy, Interview; 1974.
Collection no. 613 (1 item).
Transcription of audiotape interview conducted by Dorothy Schlesinger. Subjects include Ater's catering business, Edith Rosenwald (Mrs. Edgar Stern), and Leon Wolf. Original in Oral History Program Collection of the Friends of the Cabildo, at the New Orleans Public Library.

Avegno, Binder, and Co., Papers; 1858.
Collection no. M827 (1 item).
Quotation list and report on exchanges of gold and silver, and government and railroad bonds on the New Orleans Stock Market.

Bear, Mrs. Renee Samuel, Interview; 1974.
Collection no. 613 (1 item).
Transcription of audiotape interview conducted by Dorothy Schlesinger. Subjects include Samuel Family history, the first Jewish family to emigrate and settle in Gretna, her father's success as a railroad and river salvage agent, her involvement in the women's suffrage movement, her career as a nurse and involvement with medical research, and her association with local Jewish organizations. Original in Oral History Program Collection of the Friends of the Cabildo, at the New Orleans Public Library.

Beer, William, Papers; 1892 - 1924.
Collection no. 18 (3.6 cubic feet).
Papers of the librarian of the Howard Memorial Library. Mainly correspondence but also includes notes and writings on Louisiana history and collected items. Also includes documentation of architect Moise H. Goldstein. See also Kingsley House Records (collection no. 360).

Begin, Menachem, Papers; 1978.
Collection no. M782 (1 item).
Holographic correspondence from subject to Luba K. Gurdus, author of the book The Death Train, which deals with a Nazi concentration camp during the Second World War.

Benjamin, David V., Papers; 1846, 1856.
Collection no. M841 -oversize (2 items).
Correspondence and United States citizenship diploma.

Benjamin, Judah P., Papers; 1861.
Collection no. 524-55 (1 item).
Holographic correspondence from Benjamin, then at the War Department of the Confederacy in Richmond, Virginia, to Governor J.G. Harris, in Nashville, Tennessee.

Benjamin, Judah P., Papers; 1862, 1864, 1870, 1873, 1880.
Collection no. M18 (5 items).
Holographic correspondence from Benjamin, both during the Civil War and afterwards, to Jefferson Davis and others.

Besthoff, Frank Mayer, (Mrs. Sydney Johnson Besthoff) Papers; 1770 - 1916.
Collection no. 388 (1.0 cubic feet).
Unrelated collections, mostly correspondence and financial records documenting nineteenth century New Orleans merchants, notably Isaac Bloom.

Bieber, Margarete, Papers; 1907 - 1974.
Collection no. 410 (10.4 cubic feet).
German classicist, art historian, and author who was held a number of academic appointments until being dismissed by the Nazi regime in 1933. Professorships at Oxford, Barnard College and Columbia University followed until her retirement in 1949. Includes both personal and professional correspondence, including some with Jews, writings and manuscripts, collected publications and newspaper clippings, and photographs.

Blasberg, Robert, Papers; 1968 - 1970.
Collection no. 758 (1.0 cubic feet).
Correspondence between subject and Sadie Irvine concerning Newcomb pottery. See also the Sadie Irvine Papers (collection no. 635).

Block, Swinberg, and Co., Records; 1861.
Collection no. 532-21 (1 item).
Bill of sale for the Opelousas, Louisiana firm from V. Pretat, a corsets importer in New Orleans.

Bodin, Lovinski, and Soublet, Thomas, Papers; 1849.
Collection no. 506-32 (1 item).
Land Transactions Series, no. 32; sale of property in the Trem‚ area.

Bostnick, William C., Papers; 1836.
Collection no. M421 (1 item).
Correspondence and invoice from the Steam Tow Boat Company, Merchants' Transportation Line.

Bragdon, Claude, Letter; 1925.
Collection no. M357 (1 item).
Correspondence to New Orleans architect and educator Bernard Lemann, regarding architectural components in theater stage set design.

Butler, Pierce, Papers; 1778 - 1951 (bulk dates 1902 - 1943).
Collection no. 56 (2.7 cubic feet).
Includes materials used by subject in his writing a biography of Judah P. Benjamin, especially manuscripts, articles, notes, galley proof, and collected reviews. Also includes writings on Benjamin by Rabbi Henry Cohen, of Congregation B'nai Israel, in Galveston, Texas.