The Louisiana Research Collection has over seventy collections pertaining business persons and firms, including the:

  • Adeline Sugar Refining Company, 2, 148 items (1892-1923)
  • Canal Bank and Trust Company, 1,962 items, including 905 volumes [includes the records of several other banks that were absorbed by the Canal Bank] (1831-1932)
  • Carroll, Hoy and Company, LA commercial agents, 640 items (1861-1869)
  • John G. Dunlop, LA merchant, 179 items (1827-1869)
  • E.J. Hart and Company, LA drug firm, ca. 24 cu.ft. (1920-1941)
  • Hotel and Hardware Store receipts, 1856-1860, 3 items, M 1103. Three receipts of noteworthy New Orleans institutions with letterheads showing views of their buildings: Veranda Hotel (1857), St. Charles Hotel (1856), Stark, Stauffer Co. Importers of Hardware, Cutlery, etc. (1860).
  • Jackson Brewing Company, 2,874 items (1890-1970)
  • LeFargue Family Papers, Manuscripts Collection 923, 1813-1917 (bulk, 1813-1870s), .3 linear feet (1 manuscripts box and 1 oversize folder), Correspondence, military records, marriage licenses, and other papers of a distinguished French Louisiana family noted for its contributions in a wide variety of fields, among them government, journalism, justice, law, medicine, and politics.
  • Lemann Family Papers, LA sugar planters and merchants, 14,865 items (1840-1965)
  • John McDonogh, LA merchant, ca. 7,300 items (1802-1850)
  • Marine Paint and Varnish Company, ca. 60,000 items, (1917-1959)
  • Norman Mayer, LA cotton and grain broker, 667 items, including 99 volumes (1902-1941)
  • New Orleans Cotton Exchange, ca. 12 cu.ft. plus 400 volumes (1871-1965)
  • Frank G. Otis, LA lumber firm, ca. 6,500 items (1899-1961)
  • M.A. Rogers, LA cotton and grain broker, ca. 21 cu.ft. (1880-1930)
  • Edgar B. Stern, LA cotton broker, ca. 10 cu.ft. plus 66 volumes (1899-1959)
  • New Orleans Ledger Book, Manuscripts Collection 794, 1831-1870, 1 volume, unnumbered pages.
    Manuscripts ledger of unidentified writer, listing sales and receipts of consigned goods to him, shipping information on various steamships, several mentions of dealing with John Jacob Astor and Cornelius Vanderbilt, with many listings from Terrebonne Parish.
  • James Powers account book, Manuscripts Collection M-1011, 1867-1874, 1 piece.
    Record book of various accounts kept with Powers and W.R. Verlander. The Grush records are from 1868-1870, consisting of rent accounts, show orders, and insurance payments. The Verlander accounts are from 1867-1874, consisting of credits, debits, and accounts of purchased hardware and houseware. There are also random notes about cash received and bills paid.
  • Ogilvy Family papers, Manuscripts Collection 729, 1661-1914, 5 boxes and 2432 items. Family and business papers of the Scotch Presbyterian family of accountants who emigrated from Scotland to Canada in 1863.