The Louisiana Research Collection exists for one reason and one reason only: make the documents and books in our care available to researchers like yourself.

Therefore, making your visit welcoming, comfortable, and productive is our first priority.

We work hard to make sure you can use the materials in our care in an atmosphere that is welcoming and understanding of your needs. Please help us by sharing your suggestions for improving our services and by following our guidelines.

Why do we need use guidelines?

Did you know that most of the materials we preserve in the Louisiana Research Collection are unique? Over 99% of our holdings exist here and nowhere else in the world?

This means that if they are lost, they are lost forever. There are no backups; we can't order replacement copies because none exist. Therefore, all archives and special collections departments need special guidelines to help ensure the survival of the irreplaceable items with which they are entrusted.

Please understand, however, that our regulations are not intended to hinder anyone's use of our holdings. Instead, we hope our guidelines will help us preserve these rare materials for use by everyone.