In-kind Donations

Tulane University Special Collections will consider a wide variety of book and archival donations. For more information on what we acquire, please see our page on what we need.

You may also purchase something for Tulane University Special Collections.

For example, if you wish to remember a friend who has a special interest in Louisiana, we can select something in the price range you specify. This saves you the trouble of selecting an item and ensures that your donation will not duplicate something we already have. We will be happy to discuss a selection with you.

We typically do not accept:
  • Severely Damaged or Heavily Underlined Books
  • Current Newspapers (except on specialized topics)
  • Inspirational Literature
  • Old Textbooks, particularly in the sciences
  • laboratory and repair manuals
  • most artifacts (objects)
  • workbooks
  • photocopies

Please note:

We do not accept any donations without first speaking to the donor to assess if the materials are appropriate for our repository. Please do not drop off materials before contacting us to discuss your potential donation.