Financial Donations

Tulane University welcomes financial donations to help fund special services or purchase acquisitions it could not otherwise afford. You may make a donation by credit card online or by sending it to the Director of Special Collections:

Jillian Cuellar
Room 202 Jones Hall
Tulane University, 6801 Freret Street
New Orleans LA 70118


Major Gifts

You may make a major gift to Tulane University Special Collections or take advantage of one of our naming opportunities. Major gifts can include

  • Bequests made through a will.
  • Deferred gifts that provide you or others with a life income and then benefit Tulane University Special Collections.
  • Outright gifts, such as cash or marketable securities.

Naming Opportunities

Naming opportunties include creating an endowed fund, an endowed position, or naming a room or department after yourself or someone you wish to honor.

  • An endowed fund keeps the principal intact and uses only the income. We have several endowed funds to which you can contribute; or, we can establish a new endowed fund for a minimum of $50,000 in your name or the name of someone you wish to memorialize.
  • An endowed position would help fund a professional-level position in your name. That would be a high-profile way to honor someone while at the same time helping bring stability and continuity to our staffing.
  • Another naming opportunity is the Tulane University Special Collections division itself. 

Tulane's Office of Gift Planning will be happy to discuss such gifts with you. Please contact their office to learn more.

Tulane University Office of Gift Planning

Toll Free (800) 999-0181
Fax (504) 862-8570