State Documents

LaRC’s holdings of Louisiana state documents extend from statehood to the present. Louisiana law requires that state agencies submit copies of their publications to the Recorder of Documents, located within the State Library, for distribution to depository libraries throughout the state via the Louisiana Public Document Depository Program. As a selective Louisiana Public Documents Depository, LaRC acquires all essential state documents plus additional state government publications related to our areas of interest.

LaRC’s collection of published state documents predates the formal document depository program, and so our collection of nineteenth century state documents is one of the strongest extant. Books, monographs and annual reports, and most serials are searchable through LaRC’s online catalog.

Flyers, brochures, some newsletters, and other ephemera are kept with the rest of the Ephemera Collection and are searchable through its online index.

For more information on the Louisiana Public Document Depository Program, please visit their website at

Louisiana Public Document Depository Program Partner